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Our Mission is to empower believers through the word of God for the fulfillment of the great commission and the advancement of the kingdom of God.

With a mandate to reach to the world, becoming an ePartner provides the opportunity to fulfill the great commission and to advance the kingdom of God from ANYWHERE. As an ePartner of Emmanuel Temple, you are able to support financially, prayerfully, participate in sponsorship or giving opportunities. 

As a ePartner, You Should Expect:
-Be Actively Involved & Communicate Directly
-Financially Support a Ministry of Your Choice
-Financially Support an Event, Mission or Outreach Program of Your Choice
-Sponsor or Give (A One-Time Gift or Ongoing Support)
-Decide Your Level of Commitment
-Access To Our Prayer Calls
-Invitations to our Events and Virtual Functions
-Receive Personalized Messages for Lady Kimberly & Pastor Reginald Crenshaw
-Receive A Special Yearly Gift 
-Be Recognized as an ePartner of Emmanuel Temple

We Ask That You:
PRAY! PRAY! Then pray some more! Prayerfully discern which Ministry, Mission, Event or Outreach Project that God is leading you to support or sponsor. Pray for a shared vision among our ePartners, that together we would do amazing things in the lives, of each individual, family, and community we reach - for His glory. Most of all, pray that lost souls to be saved. 

We are a group of believers that believes Anything Is Possible! Evangelism is at the heart of all we do as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission. Learn more about who we are.

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God calls some to go and some to give. Your commitment could play a crucial role in the lives of so many. The ultimate goal of all our church is to glorify God and further His Kingdom. Contact us to learn more about the Missions we are currently involved in.

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Through the support of our eParnters, we are able to transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities both Locally & Globally. Your giving makes a difference! Learn more about giving opportunities and about what we do - with what you give.   

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We believe in the power of partnership. As a Missions-Focused Church, collectively we can maximize Kingdom impact! We welcome and cultivate relationships that build the Kingdom of God. Register to become an ePartner.

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Current Partnership Opportunities

Previous Missions & Outreach

Below, we've listed some of the Missions & Outreach opportunities that we supported, both locally and globally.

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